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Zouni bowl (2colors)

Zouni bowl (2colors)

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Zouni bowl for the new year

Zouni bowl is indispensable for the beginning of the new year in Japan.
It features a deep, rounded shape.
These bowls have a special feel that is appropriate for a festive occasion.

The glossy color is beautiful

We have prepared two colors, ”Red” and ”Black & Red”.
Please enjoy the beautiful luster of lacquer.
In Kyoto, traditionally red bowls are used for men, and balck & red bowls are used for women.


On New Year's Day, which is the beginning of the year, please enjoy ozoni in the Zouni bowl of ZOHIKO.

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Size (cm) : Diameter 13 x Height 11.5
Material: Wood
Coating: Lacquer
Box: Red and white gift box

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