Lacquerware care guide

How to care for table ware

・After use, wash with a cloth or sponge with lukewarm water or with diluted neutral detergent, and dry with a soft cloth.
(Do not soak it in hot/cold water.)

・Do not use microwave, dishwasher, dryer, etc. to avoid deformation and discoloration.

・Place paper or cloth between tableware and store in a cool place to avoid direct sunlight.

・Due to the nature of lacquer, it may have a distinctive smell at the beginning of usage.
If the smell is persistent, please put it in some hot water and leave for a while. Repeat the procedure until the smell is unnoticeable.


How to care for stationery and interior goods

・Due to its sensitivity against a strong light (especially sunlight), lacquerware will discolor and/or its glaze will deteriorate if it is exposed to direct sunlight for a long period of time. Please avoid placing under direct strong light, and store in a place where there is no light.

・The groundwork of most lacquerware is wood, and exposing lacquerware in an extremely dry place and high temperature may cause deformation and cracks. Use of a humidifier or placing a cup filled with water is recommended when placing lacquerware in a dry place.

・When lacquerware becomes dirty, wipe with a damp soft cloth (cotton is recommended). If water remains on the surface, wipe with a dry cloth.

・When handling lacquerware, please take off rings, wristwatch, etc. to avoid scratches.


Although we pay close attention to quality control, the lacquer that is used for our products may cause a rash or allergic reaction on your skin, depending on your constitution.
If you experience anything unusual, stop using the product immediately and seek medical advice.