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Suriurushi Hazori soup bowl (2 colors )

Suriurushi Hazori soup bowl (2 colors )

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A soup bowl with a zelkova wood grain

It is a soup bowl that makes use of the beautiful grain of the zelkova tree that is the base material.
It is a simple bowl with lacquer rubbed in, but you can also enjoy the beautiful luster of black and red lacquer.

*Since natural wood is used, the grain of each piece will have a different appearance.

ZOHIKO's original shape, and the edge is slightly warped so that it has a gentle mouthfeel.
Please use it at your daily dining table.


* This product can be put in one gift box (paper box) with 2 bowls as a set.
In that case, please order 2 bowls and enter "set of 2 box request" in the remarks column.


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Size (cm): Diameter 12 x Height 7
Material: Wood
Coating: Lacquer
Box: Gift box

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