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Shochu cup (2 colors)

Shochu cup (2 colors)

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You can enjoy the texture of lacquer

This sophisticatedly designed cup offers the beautiful texture of lacquer layers.
The cup fits comfortably in the hand and is characterized by its softness when you put your mouth to it.
The black color is Akebono, which is black on red, and the red is Negoro, which is red on black.

<Negoro (Red)>
Red lacquer is applied on top of black lacquer.
The name "Negoro" is derived from a bowl produced by a monk at ”Negoroji Temple" in Wakayama Prefecture.

<Akebono (Black)>
Black lacquer is applied on top of red lacquer.
It is called "Akebono" because the appearance of the underlying red lacquer can be seen from here and there, similar to the appearance of the sun rising from the eastern sky and the sky beginning to turn red.

Light and easy to hold design

The widened design at the top ensures that it fits securely in your hand without any slippage.
It is light and easy to hold.

*The texture of the coating differs from piece to piece. 

*This product can also be placed in one box (paper box) as a set for two.
In that case, please order 2 cups and write "Pair set box request" in the notes section.

[Product information]
Size (cm) : Diameter 10 x Height 9.5
Material: Wood
Coating: Lacquer
Box: Gift box

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