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Peacock round decorative box

Peacock round decorative box

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Beautiful peacock perched on an oak tree

This decorative box features a peacock in gorgeous maki-e lacquer.
Please enjoy the vivid colors of the peacock and the beautiful glittering mother-of-pearl encrusted on its feathers.
The inside of the box is plain black with no partitions.

The luxurious and beautiful feathers of the peacock have long attracted royalty and aristocrats and have been a symbol of power and integrity.
Because of its strong fertility and life force that eats even poisonous insects, the peacock was often used as a symbol of prosperity of offspring and exorcism in Japan during the Edo period (1603-1868), and became a favorite as a design for auspicious occasions.
The oak tree on which the peacock perches also symbolizes the wish that the family lineage will never cease, because of its characteristic of not shedding its old leaves until new buds appear.

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Size (cm): Diameter 14 x Height 8.5cm
Material: Wood
Coating: Lacquer
Box: Wooden box

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