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Fuku-nezumi plate set (2pc)

Fuku-nezumi plate set (2pc)

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A plate with a cute rat drawn in gold

This plate depicts an adorable rat running around on tied rice ears.
The rat, which is said to be the messenger of Daikokuten (God of fortune), is said to be an auspicious animal that brings good fortune and prosperity to descendants.
This is a set of two plates with different designs placed on the top right and bottom left of each plate.

Can be used in various situations

The gold stands out on the black plate with beautiful wood grain.
You can enjoy not only Japanese sweets, but also hors d'oeuvres.

Exclusive set boxed

Available in a white gift box containing a set of two.
It can also be used for storage.

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Size (cm)  1pc: Length 15 x Width 10 x Height 0.5
Material: Wood
Coating: Urethane painting
Box: Set in white gift box

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