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Akikusa decorative box

Akikusa decorative box

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A decorative box that conveys the lyricism of autumn

Hagi, Kudzu, Ominaeshi, Nadeshiko, and other pretty flowers that bloom in autumn are familiar autumnal scenes in the mountains and valleys of Japan.

Their beautiful appearance, rustling in the slightest breeze, is a symbol of the lyricism of autumn.
Japanese people have often used autumn grasses in waka poetly, and have also used them in their designs.

In this decorative box, such autumn grasses are expressed in luxurious maki-e using delicate techniques, such as Raden using abalone shells and Kirigane,  thin and small parts of gold.

Please enjoy the craftsman's precise technique.


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Size (cm): length 14 x width 22 x height 10
Material: Wood
Coating: Lacquered
Box: Wooden box

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