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Nanten Jubako [17 cm]

Nanten Jubako [17 cm]

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Auspicious pattern

The Nanten tree (Nandina), which bears bright red fruit in winter, has been displayed on New Year's floors as an auspicious tree that can ward off evil spirits.
It is a traditional auspicious pattern that has been painted on many lacquerware used for celebratory occasions.

This is a slightly smaller size box.

The box is approximately 17cm long and wide.
The height is approximately 16.5 cm when stacked in three tiers.
(*All sizes are external dimensions.)

This size is slightly smaller than the traditional size (19.5cm) and is recommended for use by 2 to 4 people.

The gorgeousness of luxurious maki-e and the luster of real lacquer

The outside is painted with black lacquer, and the nanten tree is depicted in bright maki-e on the top, front, left, and right sides.
(*The back sides are plain.)
The inside is a bright red color that makes your food stand out.


*This product is 17cm.
Click here for the slightly larger 19.5cm size.


[Product information]
Size (cm): Length 17 x Width 17 x Height 16.5
Material: Wood
Coating: Lacquer
Box: Wooden box

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