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Dragonfly jewelry box

Dragonfly jewelry box

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A jewelry box with dragonflies in maki-e and mother-of-pearl.

A gorgeous dragonflies finished with gold, mother-of-pearl (using abalone shell) and black lacquer.
Please fully enjoy the beautiful glow of maki-e and lacquer as they catch the light.

Dragonfly, an auspicious design  

Dragonflies have been used among warriors since ancient times as a good-luck charm because they fly agilely and powerfully through the air and never fly backward.
The inside is lined with velvet, so you can use it not only as a box to store important items, but also as a high-quality interior.

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Size (cm): Height 15 x Width 15 x Height 11.5
Material: Wood
Coating: Lacquer
Box: Wooden box

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