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Ichimatsu Byakudan hand mirror

Ichimatsu Byakudan hand mirror

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Elegant mirror 

Byakudan-nuri is a lacquering technique in which transparent candy-colored lacquer is applied over metal foil or sprinkled with metal powder, allowing the underlying foil or powder to show through.
Although this is a traditional lacquering technique and pattern, the checkered pattern give it a modern atmosphere.

As the lacquer becomes more transparent over the years, the pattern becomes clearer and more vivid.
Please use it for a long time and enjoy the expression of Byakudan-nuri that changes year by year.

A hand mirror that fits in your hand

The rounded form fits comfortably in the hand, and the mirror surface has beautifully shaved corners and a signature-style Zohiko logo mark.
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Size (cm): Diameter 7 x Thickness 1
Material: Wood
Coating : Lacquer
Box: Gift box

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