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Setsugekka Byakudan sake cup

Setsugekka Byakudan sake cup

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Winter snow, autumn moon, spring flowers - an elegant view of the changing seasons.

The rim of the sake cup is decorated with a silver crescent moon, and the inside where the sake is poured is decorated with cherry blossoms and snow rings with Byakudan-nuri technique.
Byakudan-nuri is a coating technique in which transparent candy-colored lacquer is applied over metal foil or metal powder, allowing the underlying foil or powder to show through.
As the lacquer ages, its transparency increases, so the patterns become clearer and more vivid.
When you pour sake, the outlook changes once again.
Please use it for a long time and enjoy the expression of lacquer technique that changes year by year.

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Size (cm): Diameter 9 x Height 3
Material: Wood
Coating: Lacquer
Box: Gift box

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