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Inaho soup bowl set [5pc]

Inaho soup bowl set [5pc]

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Give thanks for a good harvest

Since ancient times, Japanese people have believed that the gods reside in the rice that sustains their diet, and have offered prayers to the gods of the fields in thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest, and have revered it as a symbol of wealth and treasure.                
This bowl is designed with a prayer for a bountiful harvest and ears of rice growing in abundance.


Neat and clean design

Lacquer bowls withstand hot water, salt, and acid, and retain their temperature without feeling hot to the touch.
The bowl's light weight and soft texture enhances the flavor of the food inside.
When you open the lid, a beautiful maki-e design of ears of rice can be seen on the reverse side.


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Size (cm): Diameter 12 x Height 10
Material: Wood
Coating: Lacquer
Box: Five-piece set wooden box

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