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Silver bamboo small plate

Silver bamboo small plate

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Beautiful curves created by craftsmen

Bamboo plates are carefully made by craftsmen.
Each piece is crafted through a number of processes, starting from cutting and shaving the bamboo.
Each piece weighs about 20g, and the light comfort peculiar to bamboo is also attractive.

Beautiful patterns created by nature

Bamboo-specific streaks give the vessel a beautiful look.

It greatly enhances the Japanese atmosphere.

It goes great with Japanese sweets.
A convenient piece that can be used regardless of taste.

Put Western confectionery on it and make it casual

A perfect piece for Western confectionery.
A casual plate that you can easily use in your daily life.

As an accessory case

It can also be used as a tray for small items such as accessories in a light atmosphere.

Storage is also neat

The plates can be stacked firmly on top of each other, saving space and convenient for storage.

6 color variations

Six colors are available: gold, silver, green, white, red and dark brown "Tame".
Silver is finished with aluminum foil instead of silver foil so that it will not rust.
You can enjoy it in one color or in a combination of several pieces.

Click here for the gold plate page.
You can see the pages of other colors from " here " .


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Size (cm): length 10.5 x width 14 x height 2
Material: Bamboo
Coating: Lacquer / urethane mixed coating
Box: Gift box

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